Welcome to Mosaica International School of Hyderabad

Mosaica International School of Hyderabad is the school of choice for those parents who want an exciting and rigorous curriculum that is customized to the needs of each child, and where each child can work to the best of their potential. The curriculum at the school combines effective teaching strategies with scientifically proven academic programs, including Mosaica’s acclaimed Paragon® curriculum. Our students in Hyderabad follow a similar program to those students enrolled in our schools in the US and the UK.  Our Mosaica Education program is fully accredited by AdvancedEd, in the US, and this is a particular strength for out school in Hyderabad as we can work collaboratively with our colleagues across the world.

Our program develops our students into independent learners who are able to problem-solve, think critically and be creative in their approach, and this is possible through our high quality education programs, and our highly skilled staff.


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Mosaica Education is a leading global education organization that manages K-12 schools and provides educational services around the world. Mosaica is the only US-based education organization serving preschool through high school students in public, private, charter and online education settings, in the United States and globally, that has also developed award-winning curriculum.

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Mosaica Education's Paragon™ curriculum combines the rigor of classical education with the relevance required by contemporary society. Students learn about character, ethics, empathy and self-esteem. Paragon™ looks to the past to prepare students to become the architects of tomorrow.